Hill-Bert's Burgers
Original "Too" Central "Too"
7211 Burnet Road 1503 W. 35th Street 5340 Cameron Road
Austin, TX 78757 Austin, TX 78703 Austin, TX 78723
(512) 452-2317 (512) 452-EATS(3287) (512) 371-3717
10 am - 10 pm 10 am - 9:30 pm Summer Hours 10 am - 10 pm
Open Everyday - *Delivery Available* Open Everyday - *Delivery Available* Open Everyday - *Delivery Available*


The answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions!!!

1. Is there really a Hillbert or Hill-Bert and what's the reason behind the name?
  The name came from combining the names of two businesses already thriving in Austin, Hill's Cafe and Bert Bar-BQ, to create a draw by association. It is also my first name, so it seemed like a good fit.

2. What an interesting logo - explain?
  The logo was designed "pro-bono" by an advertising agency.

3. Where are we from?
  Mama Lucille and Hilbert are from San Antonio. The Kids; Phillip, Christina, Kimmy, and Greg where born and raised in Austin

4. How many of the family are involved and what are their relationships?
  Both Mama Lucille and Hilbert are active in the business along with 3 of the 4 children; both sisters and one brother, Phillip

5. How long has Hill-bert's been open and what do all three stores have in common?
  The original store on North Lamar opened in October of 1973 and closed in September 2008, it had been a BurgerChef. All three of the current locations used to be Taco Bell's.

6. Do you have any expansion plans?

7. Why do you coin the phrase "fine fast-foods" in all your ads?
  We are different than fast foods because of our top quality and nothing is made until you order it. Some franchises are now advertising this concept over 25 years after I started doing it.

8. Is that really Walter Cronkite in your photo displayed at #1?
  Yes it is!

9. How did you decide to put Whole Wheat buns on your menu?
  A great story! In the mid 70's I tried to grab market share in my fine fast food industry so I went to the West Mall at UT dressed in full uniform and high-top red top chef hat and handed out coupons. After a couple of hours, I noticed many of my coupons on the ground or in near by trash cans. So I asked the students why they weren't interested and they clued me in to the concept of Whole Wheat - They wouldn't eat white bleached flour buns. Within days I had a home-made whole wheat bun which I purchased from SAT-NAM Bakery. The proprietor of which I also met on campus. The move to Whole Wheat buns is one of the adjustments made as a direct result of customer feed back.

10. What does "butter fat" shakes and malts mean?
  Butter fat means top quality ice cream, not vegetable fat. Malt is a particular old fashion flavor, either liquid or powder. If you need to ask, don't try it because you won't appreciate it.

11. Why do we call our wings "Dallas wings"?
  Back to Back Super-Bowl wins during the Dallas Cowboys era of Super-Bowl dominance. Dallas beat Buffalo by 52-6 and 52-12, big lop-sided victories. After the Cowboys first Super-Bowl big win, I changed the name of our product from Buffalo to Dallas wings and I would tell my customers - "there aren't any Buffalo fans in Texas". After the second big blow out the very next year Dallas wings were in, the people loved it!

12. Do you have "free delivery"?
  Yes, if and only if we are able to safely walk to your location.

13. Where is Greg?
  Greg, my youngest son, is now a Dell Executive; but, he still is seen frequently at one of our locations.

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